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Personal Information

We do not share any personal information you provide to Todo Para Mi Fiesta. The information we collect from you is only used to complete the order(s) you place with Todo Para Mi Fiesta.

Trademark and Copyright

Todo Para Mi Fiesta is a trademark and none of its information must be used or shared by anyone, unless directed in written permission by Todo Para Mi Fiesta. Otherwise, legal action will be taken against you and you will be responsible for all legal expenses.

All of the images are Copyright, you can copy and share the images contained here on Todo Para Mi Fiesta but you must leave the original logo(s) and trademark(s). You can not alter any of the images.

Secure site

Todo Para Mi Fiesta website uses up to date technology to keep your personal information and payment transactions secured. In the rare event that your personal information has been compromised we will notify you as soon as we become aware something has ocurred.